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Guide: Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You - Episode 5

If you missed the guides for Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4, you may want to review them before reading this portion of the guide to avoid confusion. Datachunks that you must upload to progress in the story are indicated in bold. Keep in mind that Datachunks not necessary for plot progression still impact the outcomes of the story.


Episode 5: Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

Part 1: Twenty Chances

When you start Episode 5, you will be greeted by Catherine Delacroix instead of Symes. As Thought sympathizers protest, you must find the individual who's been impersonating Goldfels.

The TNB has published an article about what happened to Symes. If Delacroix says you've done a good job (prevented the third bombing and caught Nina) or that you've been mediocre (failed to prevent the third bombing but caught Nina) as an investigator, Symes and his fiance will escape from the protesters unscathed. However, if Delacroix says you've been a disappointment (failed to prevent the bombing; allowed Nina to escape), then Symes will be murdered in front of his home. Scroll to the second TNB article to confirm what Delacroix has already told you: anti-Orwell protesters are demonstrating inside the Nation. If you had Langley arrested, the Bonton police files will be updated to reflect this.

Once you're all caught up on the news, click on the Listener. You will find an email from Gunther Aarons sent to all of the members of Thought (and Josef Langley). The email calls for a virtual meeting at 4PM.

Once you upload this Datachunk, Delacroix will tell you that you only have time for 20 more chunks.

Don't stress; you'll be fine!

First, go to the Listener to pick up an email from Marca to Harrison. Marca is furious when she finds out that Harrison is secretly involved with Thought and Juliet, and she dumps him. There are 2 Datachunks, but I recommend uploading only the first one (about Cafe Chestnut). Delacroix will tell you that Harrison is likely the leader of Thought and the one impersonating Goldfels. After listing off several pieces of information that make Harrison suspicious, she will tell you to find evidence that Harrison was involved with the bombings.

Use the Reader to visit Cafe Chestnut's site.

If it seems like none of the buttons on the Cafe Chestnut site are working, try scrolling down.

The lobby section simply describes how the cafe works and contains no Datachunks. If you visit the hiscores section, you will see that Harrison spends a lot of time on the site. The hosts section contains a chunk that says Harrison used to be an admin of the cafe (under his stage name, Hancock). Instead of uploading the chunk, click on the word Hancock. This will take you to his profile, which includes his PC ID. Submit the ID to Orwell to gain access to Harrison's computer. You will also unlock a conversation between Harrison and Juliet.

Start with the Harrison-Juliet conversation. Harrison asks why Juliet left Abe's house, and she expresses her disapproval regarding Harrison's choice to dox Symes. They both agree to attend the 4PM conference call, and they leave a couple of useful hints about their whereabouts. Uploading the chunk "Don't hide anywhere you have been to in last 24 hours" is optional. Whether you upload the chunk about Harrison's phone is also up to you, but keep in mind that the chunk could become useful as you learn more.

Now use Insider to investigate Harrison's PC. Enter the Sys folder and look through his browser history. You can submit the chunk about Benjamin if you want, but I recommend against it if you are trying to make the most of your 20 uploads. Submit the chunk with the phone ID in it. You will unlock a conversation between Juliet and initiate in Listener. Juliet accuses initiate of helping Harrison dox Symes/Benjamin, but still invites the hacker to the conference call. Initiate declines and advises her not to attend, saying that the meeting sounds like a trap. If you upload the Datachunk about initiate's role in doxxing Symes, Delacroix will encourage you to unveil their identity.

Return to Harrison's PC and look through his Personal folder. There are four files in here. Open the LifeTrust invoice in the top right, and you will find that he has an insurance plan for a family member. Delacroix will express confusion if you upload the chunk (even if you have already angered her). Return to the Personal folder, but this time you should open the file called "Message for the great Hancock." It's an old email from Juliet that contains her Stelligan email address and another alias (Dixon). Upload the Dixon chunk if you want to unlock Entry 7 on The Thought's blog.

Use Insider to look through Harrison's phone. There are two pictures in the gallery; one is a picture of Juliet (he clearly still has feelings for her), and the other depicts Harrison with a blond woman in a wheelchair (his mother, Angela). In SkyChat, you can view Harrison's conversations with 3 different people. The first and third conversations have no Datachunks (although the third conversation with 'M Babe' is Marca, if you're interested in snooping). Scroll through the second conversation, where Harrison tells his mother that he won't be coming home. If you submit the chunk, you may unlock a phone call between Langley and Cassandra. If Josef isn't in jail and sent information about Thought's members to the person who anonymously emailed him offering to set Cassi free, then Cassi will call Josef and tell him that she was released. Cassi will also be released if you portrayed her as non-threatening, even if Josef refused to comply with the anonymous sender's demands.

Now open Harrison's mail app, and you will see the email that Abe's impersonator sent to Nina. This implies that the April 17th email to Nina was sent from Harrison's phone. However, if you sifted through the entire exchange between Harrison and Juliet, you know that Harrison claims to have lost his phone. If you upload the "Abraham Goldfels" chunk, Delacroix will assume that Harrison is the one impersonating Goldfels and tell you to ignore suspicious chunks about the other Thought members. I recommend waiting to learn more before deciding whether you want to upload this chunk. Return to the phone's home screen. Ignore Quo Tracking for now and go to Contacts instead. You will be able to upload phone numbers for two characters: Juliet and Cassandra. Juliet's is more important than Cassandra's.

Once you've uploaded Juliet's phone number, you will be able to pick up a call from Viktor Rhosen. He will ask her about a device and rattle off the ID for you. Upload the device ID. When you return to Insider, you will find that you are able to look through Juliet's personal phone. Rhosen will also mention that Juliet was at work all weekend even though she wasn't supposed to be there. If you upload this chunk, Delacroix will comment on Juliet's odd behavior.

Go through Juliet's SkyChat messages and read all three of her conversations. She talked with Cassi, May (older sister), and her father. There is one Datachunk in the conversation with Cassi, and uploading it will cause Delacroix to speculate that Juliet coerced Cassi into taking the route through Freedom Plaza. If you uploaded this chunk and the chunk from the call with Rhosen about working all weekend, Delacroix will tell you that you've found enough information to imply that something is very wrong about Juliet. The conversation with May doesn't contain any chunks, but the messages between Juliet and her father yield some fascinating information. Juliet's dad calls Abraham a creep and disapproves of her efforts to follow in Abe's footsteps. He points out that Goldfels used to work at Rhosen. This chunk is optional, but you will need to upload it if you want to dig into Abraham's past. You can also visit Juliet's gallery, where you can find a picture of Juliet and her sister June. I do not recommend wasting one of your remaining uploads on the portrait. In Contacts, there are two phone numbers of interest: Cassi's and Abraham's. If you upload Abraham's number, Delacroix is rather sharp with you and insists that there's no purpose in gathering information on a dead man. Neither of the phone numbers will serve you in the future, so I don't recommend uploading them.

At this point, it is wise to determine the locations of Juliet and Harrison (we know they are not together because Harrison mentioned that Juliet was gone from Abe's by the time he woke up). You can deduce the correct locations from various messages in Listener and Insider. We know that neither of them are at their home addresses (Maloy Court and Bonton Outskirts, respectively), and Juliet is not at work (we can make this assumption because of the call from Rhosen). We also know that neither of them is at Abe's house (the Portobello address), because they both spent the prior evening there. The final deductions are a little tricky, but we can use our knowledge of their relationship and Harrison's stolen phone as clues. If you have been reading their correspondences throughout the episodes, you may remember that Stelligan was a place of romantic significance to Juliet and Harrison when they were dating. That is likely where they met up yesterday (it's referenced as "THAT place" by Harrison in their messages from yesterday), so it's probable that neither of them is located at the Stelligan address. We can make the assumption that Juliet stole Harrison's phone and is also in possession of her own phone. If you compare the remaining addresses, only one of them is an option on both devices: the Penn Street address. This means that Harrison is at the Orchard Drive address, and Juliet is on Penn Street.

Once you've used up all 20 Datachunks, it's time to tune in to the conference call.

Part 2: Four O'Clock


There are different possibilities for how the conference call plays out, depending on your actions.

If you gathered useful information about the Thought members most relevant to the endgame (predominantly Harrison, Juliet, and initiate), Delacroix will praise you. If not, she will scold you.

If you reunited Josef and Cassandra (will unlock the "Not alone with my glass" achievement if you are playing on Steam), they will be part of the conference call. If you did not, then the call will only include Juliet, Harrison, and initiate (and Cassi, if she was released and Josef was detained). As soon as the call starts, initiate will take control of Orwell and you will be unable to do anything. Initiate will look through all of the information you collected and tell the group that Goldfels is dead. In the event that you uploaded information that incriminates Juliet, initiate will correctly identify her as the person who's been impersonating Goldfels. You can expose Juliet's scheme by uploading the chunk in her SkyChat exchange with Cassi and the chunk about working on the weekend in her call with Rhosen. If you didn't find enough information to connect Juliet to her crimes, initiate will be unable to figure out who's been masquerading as Abraham. However, Juliet will admit it voluntarily to the rest of Thought. Her fellow activists will express disgust and criticize her actions.

Regardless of your choices, Juliet will encourage you to upload the information that the government has collected on you to prove that no one is safe from Orwell. None of the other Thought members will agree with her approach. If Cassandra (regardless of Josef's presence) is on the call, then initiate will pull up the Orwell profile of each Thought member, one by one. Each member will be allowed to read their profile and decide whether they trust you.

Here are the conditions to earn each member's trust:

Cassandra: portrayed her as someone who is neither threatening nor unstable. Hilariously enough, it is possible to gain Cassi's trust even if you had Josef arrested. All you have to do is expose Juliet's plan by uploading the incriminating chunks to Orwell.

Langley: enabled Cassandra's release without requiring Josef to sell out Thought

Harrison: ensured that he is not fired from TNB because of the chunks you uploaded

Nina/initiate: No matter what happened to Nina, she will not join the call. Instead, initiate will make a judgment about you on her behalf. If you protected Nina by allowing her to escape or causing her to get injured as opposed to killing her, you will earn initiate's trust. Even if you did not save Nina, you can earn initiate's trust by exposing Juliet's nefarious plans before the conference call starts.

Even if you have not earned the trust of Thought's members, initiate will make Delacroix a target person for you. Initiate and Harrison will push for you to dig up dirt on Delacroix, but Juliet insists that Delacroix will simply be replaced once she is removed from her position. The decision is yours.

If you uploaded incriminating information about Harrison and Juliet and selected the correct addresses for their respective hiding places, they will be arrested during the call. Arresting Harrison will unlock the "Thrown into the darkest dungeon" achievement if you are playing on Steam.

Part 3: All Eyes On You

Once the call ends and initiate loses their hold on Orwell, you will be in control again. If you had Harrison arrested, you will see his police file in the Reader. If you unlocked Entry 4 on The Thought's blog already, you can read it now. If not, you can unlock Entry 4 by uploading the chunk in Juliet's text conversation with her father about Goldfels working at Rhosen, then going to Abraham's profile on the Rhosen Technologies site and uploading the "Demiurge" chunk. If you do investigate Abraham's past, Delacroix becomes increasingly defensive.

By looking at Entry 4, you will find that Goldfels developed the Ethical Codex for Orwell and created the investigator and adviser roles to protect innocent people being investigated by Orwell. He also includes his PC ID in the blog post, which will enable you to access his computer. Once you discover this, Delacroix will make you a target person to intimidate you. You will also earn the "All these are futile works" achievement if you are playing on Steam.

At this point, you have a choice to make:

  1. Imprison some or all of the members of Thought

  2. Incriminate Catherine Delacroix

  3. Incriminate yourself

I will cover each of these options in order.

Imprison some or all of the members of Thought (Option 1 of 3)

If you go through initiate's PC using the Insider, you will find a lot of information that contributes to the game's lore. You will see that initiate has been spying on the other members of Thought to figure out who was behind the Bonton bombings.

If you want to learn initiate's true identity, open rhosen_internship.dcmnt. You will find his name, Themba van Biljon, and a chunk about his internship at Rhosen Technologies. If you submit the chunk about the internship, you will unlock a page on the Rhosen Technologies website that contains Themba's photo. You can upload this as a portrait. If you are playing on Steam, you will earn the "Who can guess them?" achievement. You can open the Big Brother file found on the desktop for additional information. Themba is from Capetown, South Africa, and he is trying to bring his sister Mbali to the Nation.

At this point, you can open the saved_protocol_goldfels_012.txt document to find a Datachunk that will end the game if uploaded. This is indicated by its dark yellow coloring. If you upload the chunk about guerrilla war and a call to arms, you will communicate to Orwell that Thought was founded with intention to become a terrorist organization. If you submit this chunk, ALL members of Thought will be imprisoned. If you only want to imprison SOME of the Thought members, do not upload this chunk. Scroll down within this guide and read the text immediately under the three consecutive screenshots of the endgame articles (still within Option 1).

You will have to upload the final chunk to finish the game. The TNB article will state that you are trying to escape the government because of your insider knowledge of Orwell.

In this ending, you will get the following articles: Thought declared terrorist union, A promise of safety, Terrorists behind bars, Investigator wanted for arrest.

This ending will unlock the "2+2=5" achievement if you are playing on Steam.

If you want to imprison SOME of Thought's members, but NOT ALL:

Unlock Abraham's PC (the process to find the device ID is in this guide, just above the Option 1 subheading). Enter the Private folder, and open the file called "saved_julesy_ker089.txt." Scroll down, and you will find a message from Goldfels asking Juliet to delete the data that he planted in his former office at Rhosen Technologies and then leave. Delacroix will say that Juliet should have obeyed his wishes. Sadly, she did not.

Now you just need to find proof that Abraham's impersonator (now proven to be Juliet) incited the Bonton bombings.

Return to the contents of the Private folder and click on "RE: RE: RE: Make Thought change direction." This email was sent from Abraham's account to Nina, and requests Nina's participation in building and placing the bombs. Uploading this chunk will prove that Juliet incited the bombings, which will prompt Delacroix to start a nation-wide search for her.

Likewise, if you submit identifying information about initiate (found on his PC), Delacroix will start a nation-wide search to find him.

Please note: If you want the "Bombing mastermind arrested" article, you MUST:

- Submit the chunk on Abe's computer that starts with "Get into Rhosen Tech for an internship..."

- Submit the chunk on Abe's computer that starts with "From what you have told me, you are more than capable of building a bomb..."

You can get the Delacroix ending or the self-incrimination ending in addition to imprisoning some of the members of Thought.


Go to the Party's website and click on the People tab. Upload the chunk that says, "Mrs. Delacroix was subsequently granted the position of the first Secretary of Security."

Go to Stelligan's website and visit the Notable Alumni page. Scroll down to Delacroix and submit "Delacroix has been a member of the Party."

Go to the Party's pages in Reader and open up Delacroix's account. Upload her phone ID.

Go through her SkyChats and scroll right until you find her conversation with Robert Blaine. Upload the chunk in which Delacroix says the bombings were a blessing.


At this point, you should upload the chunk about Orwell's evaluation process which confirms you are being watched (this is on Abraham's PC, in his notes from November 2014).

Now you can access your evaluation report and start submitting chunks from it. If you have not angered Delacroix, she will yell at you to stop submitting the chunks from your evaluation. You need to submit 4 chunks to trigger the ending scenes.

You will have to submit one last Datachunk which notifies you that you are wanted for arrest due to your insider knowledge of Orwell. Orwell will be canceled.

In this ending, you will get the following articles: Parliament occupied, Government cancels Orwell, Bombing mastermind arrested, Investigator wanted for arrest.

Incriminate Catherine Delacroix (Option 2 of 3)

Now that initiate has made Delacroix a target person, you can start investigating her. If you upload information on her from the Party's website, she will verbalize her anger and threaten you. You can try to look through her PC, but it's actually a trap. The PC is empty except for one folder titled Orwell, but if you are fast enough to open the document inside you will find that it simply says, "You are not supposed to read this" in red letters. Instead, you should go to the Notable Alumni section of Stelligan's website and upload the chunks about her. If you upload the chunk "Delacroix has been a member of The Party," you will unlock her private account on The Party's website. If you open the account information, you will find her itinerary and her phone ID. You will see the details of her engagements, and you are able to submit this information to Orwell. Uploading the device ID will give you access to her personal phone.

There is nothing of interest in her Contacts or Gallery. Instead, go through her SkyChat messages. The first 3 conversations will not help you take her down, but in her conversation with Robert Blaine she says, "Bonton bombings have been a real blessing."

Uploading this chunk will end the game, as indicated by its dark yellow color.

Here are the steps in a basic list format:

- Go to the Party's website and click on the People tab. Upload the chunk that says, "Mrs. Delacroix was subsequently granted the position of the first Secretary of Security."

- Go to Stelligan's website and visit the Notable Alumni page. Scroll down to Delacroix and submit "Delacroix has been a member of the Party."

- Go to the Party's pages in Reader and open up Delacroix's account. Upload her phone ID.

- Go through her SkyChats and scroll right until you find her conversation with Robert Blaine. Upload the chunk in which Delacroix says the bombings were a blessing.

Upload one last chunk in the TNB article. You will be welcomed into Thought as an honorary member, even if you did not gain their trust. The final Datachunk states that you are trying to escape prosecution by joining Thought.

In this ending, you will get the following articles: Delacroix announces resignation due to revelations, Government cancels Orwell, Thought to be renewed OR No evidence against Kerrington OR Bombing mastermind arrested, Thought welcomes investigator.

This ending will unlock the "Doublethink" achievement if you are playing on Steam.

Incriminate yourself (Option 3 of 3)

If you gain access to Goldfels' PC, you will have lots of information to sort through. The process to unlock the PC and make yourself a target person is explained just above Option 1 in Part 3 of this guide. Most of the content on Abraham's computer does not contain Datachunks, but if you are interested in the lore and characters of this game I recommend reading everything. When you are ready to begin the process of incriminating yourself, enter the Notes folder. Here you will find all of Abraham's notes regarding his work on the Demiurge (later renamed Orwell) project. Open the document from November 2014, and you will find a Datachunk. The chunk informs you that you have been watched by another person the whole time. If you upload the chunk, you will gain access to your employee evaluation. The contents of the report will differ depending on the choices you've made. Regardless of your choices, the existence of this evaluation proves that Juliet was correct when she said that you are not "outside the system."

If you upload the dark yellow Datachunks within your employee evaluation, the game will end. You must upload four of the chunks to trigger the ending scenes.

Here are the steps in a basic list format:

- Go to the SkyChats on Juliet's phone and find her conversation with her dad. Upload the chunk about Goldfels working at Rhosen.

- Go to the Rhosen Technologies website in Reader to find Abraham's profile. Upload the "Demiurge" chunk.

-Use Reader to access Thought's blog post titled Entry 4. Upload the chunk about the ethical codex with the PC ID.

-Use Insider to go through Abe's computer. Enter the Notes folder and select the document from November 2014. Upload the chunk about evaluation.

-Go to Reader and click on your employee evaluation. Upload 4 of these chunks to end the game.

You will have to upload one last chunk to end the game. You will be welcomed into Thought as an honorary member, even if you did not gain their trust. The final Datachunk states that you are trying to escape prosecution by joining Thought.

In this ending, you will get the following articles: Parliament Occupied, Government cancels Orwell, Thought to be renewed OR No evidence against Kerrington OR Bombing mastermind arrested, Thought welcomes investigator.

This ending will unlock the "Thoughts are free" achievement if you are playing on Steam.

Congratulations on finishing Orwell; I hope you enjoyed your time with the game!

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