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Guide: Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You - Episode 4

If you missed the guides for Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3, you may want to review them before reading this portion of the guide to avoid confusion. Datachunks that you must upload to progress in the story are indicated in bold. Keep in mind that Datachunks not necessary for plot progression still impact the outcomes of the story. Trigger warnings for homophobia, severe illness, and death.


Episode 4: Memory Hole

Part 1: Josef Langley, Attorney-At-Law

When you start day 4, Symes will recap what happened the day before. If Nina was killed or injured, you will be able to access a file in the Bonton Police Database which also recounts the previous day's events. Regardless of what happened to her, the TNB will release an article about her and her connection to the bombings. TNB also publishes an article called "Exclusive interview with GYM founder Ronson", which is not relevant to the story in any way but is very funny (so I recommend reading it). You will also see that Harrison posted on his Timeline. Open up Harrison's Timelines page to continue.

Now you can pick up a call between Harrison and Juliet. The call will differ a bit depending on the choices you made, but here's the gist: Harrison and Juliet figure out that they might be in trouble and that the government might be surveilling them because of their connection to Nina. Juliet will suggest reaching out to Josef Langley for help, while Harrison will insist they should team up with Initiate. Uploading the chunk about Abe and Josef knowing each other will cause Langley to become a target person. You should also submit Juilet's uTell (julesy_ker). The other chunks within the phone call are optional.

If you return to the Stelligan University website and check the Notable Alumni tab, you will find new Datachunks regarding Langley. You can upload a new portrait and upload a chunk specifying that he graduated in 1992, but the chunk "own law office in the city of Bonton" is mandatory. This chunk will give you access to the website for his law office.

Once you are on the site for the law office, you will have to upload several Datachunks to progress. Under the Profile tab, upload the chunk about Langley's professional relationship with Catherine Delacroix. You can also upload his CV if you want (found at the bottom of the page), but it isn't necessary. Click on the Contact tab, and upload his email address (and office address and phone number, if you so desire). In the Expertise tab, you are also able to upload the chunk about the Hendricks case if you want. Once you have done all of that, access Langley's emails through the Listener tool.

You'll see an email with the subject line "helping hand." The unidentified sender promises Cassi's release in exchange for incriminating information on Goldfels. When Langley responds, he will say that he is unable to provide information on Goldfels but will share information about the other Thought members in exchange for Cassandra's release. Now return to Listener to read a conversation between Juliet and Langley. Upload the chunk that says, "Abraham asked me for a favor for someone called Nina once, quite some time ago." You may do the same with the chunk about Cassandra, but it's not necessary to proceed. Return to the Listener once again to open the email with the subject line "Urgent Request" and upload the PC ID. This will give you access to Langley's computer through the Insider. But, before you can do that, you must read the emails between Harrison and Initiate. In the first email, Harrison encourages Initiate to join Thought. Initiate responds by claiming that they are already in Thought and attaches a link to their Timelines page. You must click on the link to initiate's Timeline before you can access Langley's PC. You can peruse Initiate's page now if you want, but for the purposes of this guide we will be tying up the loose ends involving Langley first. After opening Initiate's account, return to the Insider and access Langley's PC.

There's a lot of information here, so I'll point out the optional chunks first. If you want to avoid the optional chunks, you are welcome to skip to Part 2 and the "Spoilers Ahead" warning.

If you choose to explore Langley's desktop further, there is plenty of additional information to be found. If you return to the email from Goldfels in the Private folder, you can upload a chunk containing Langley's alias (inDubio). Then, visit the Pictures folder and open the image with Sundown in its name. Uploading it along with the inDubio chunk will unlock the webpage for the Sundown Fishing Club.

Click on the website to open it. You can read about the club rules if you want, but they contain no Datachunks. Click on the Gallery tab in the upper right corner of the site to find an image of Langley holding a fish. Upload it if you want, then use the arrows on either side of the picture to scroll to the right. The next picture shows someone with the alias kingfisher, but neither the picture nor the comments below contain any chunks. Scroll to the right once more to find a new portrait of Goldfels. Scroll down to the comments to read a heated debate between the club members. Kingfisher starts the comment thread by welcoming Goldfels as an official club member. The next couple comments echo kingfisher's sentiments, but another member (alias kickbait) insists that Abraham is gay and shouldn't be allowed in the club. The two chunks in this conversation are "abraham is gay" and "your wife barbra divorced you, jos." Both are conflicting chunks, so I recommend returning to Langley's PC before submitting either chunk to find more information.

Return to the Pictures folder on Langley's computer. There are three photos aside from the Sundown image. The image titled COP_certificate.bmp (top left) contains a certificate which thanks Josef for his support of the Children of Parges Foundation. Upload the chunk if you want, then click the small X in the upper right corner to return to the Pictures folder. There are two images left; click on the one called wed_1993. This is a wedding picture, presumably of Josef and Barbra. Return to the Pictures folder one more time to select the image titled dancing_in_the_rain.jpg. This is a picture of an older-looking Josef with his arm around Cassandra. Therefore, it can be assumed that kickbait's conflicting chunk about the divorce is correct. Return to either the wedding picture or the Sundown site to resolve the conflicting chunks. You can try to view Langley's browser history and trash, but he's deleted nearly all of it. The only website he's visited recently is a law-related site, and his trash is completely empty.

If you portrayed Cassandra as a dangerous and/or unstable person, Langley will have 3 files in his Office folder (within Mails) instead of 2. The third file will be titled "RE: Request concerning investigative custody of my client." The sender will tell Langley that his requests for Cassandra's release have been denied because of her connection to Thought and her past threatening comments.

There are a few other optional chunks, but they will not be addressed until the end of Part 2 of this guide because they are related to significant plot details.

Part 2: The Truth About Goldfels & The Return of Initiate


Use the Reader to access initiate's Timeline. The chunks at the top of the page are funny, but not particularly helpful. Scroll down to find initiate's open letter to Viktor Rhosen. You'll find that initiate has posted Rhosen's username and password and has requested a meeting between the two. Submit initiate's chat ID to unlock their messages in the Listener.

This conversation moves quickly, and some of the details are quite interesting. However, none of the chunks are mandatory. Initiate reveals Orwell's existence to Harrison. Once Harrison learns about the program, he is enraged and demands to know how it can be stopped. Initiate is able to encode a few of the chat messages, meaning that Orwell is unable to show you the messages' contents. After Orwell breaks initiate's encoding trick, Harrison declares his intention to wage war on the government. If you upload this Datachunk, Symes will say that he plans to have Harrison arrested.

Following the chat conversation, the TNB will publish an article about Thought and its potential connection to the bombings.

Once the article is published, threatening comments will appear under entry 9 on The Thought's blog (this is the post that Cassi wrote, which is available to the public). You may also be able to open an email addressed to Harrison through the Listener. If the TNB has become aware of Harrison's involvement with Thought, they will fire him. More hateful comments will appear under Cassi's post. Some of these are quite disturbing, so I recommend skipping them if you are sensitive to rhetoric involving violence.

Return to Langley's PC using the Insider. Click on the Mails folder, then select the one that says Private. There will be one email in the folder called "I need to ask you for a favor." You will find an old email from Goldfels requesting that Langley represent Cassi in her court case (the original one, in the summer of 2016). The email also mentions that Goldfels and Langley knew each other because Langley represented Goldfels in a court case. Upload the chunks "due to asking you about ongoing financial support for Nina" and "the wonderful job you did as counsel on my case" to unlock a new page containing information about the case. On the new page, submit the chunk "accused of breaching the terms of an employment contract..." to discover that Goldfels previously worked for the government. Symes will express surprise, saying that no one in his circle mentioned Abraham's employment. The chunk will unlock Entry 3 on The Thought's blog, which is titled "An unexpected proposal." Finish looking at the chunks on the site for the legal case before opening Entry 3. The next chunk on the website discusses the details of the case and reveals that Goldfels lost. Uploading this chunk will unlock Goldfels' medical records. Now check out Entry 3 on The Thought's blog. In the post, Goldfels confirms that the government contacted him about a work opportunity. However, he was denied details and initially refused the contract. Use the Reader to open Goldfels' medical records. This page contains his date of birth and address. If you upload the address, Symes will send a team to investigate his home. Scroll down to find two more Datachunks, which claim that a CT scan identified an inoperable tumor within Goldfels' body and that he was unlikely to live more than 6-12 months following his diagnosis (February 10, 2015).

Go back to Langley's computer and open the Mails folder. Then select the Office folder. In the file RE: Our Meeting, there are two Datachunks. One of these includes Langley's bank account number, and uploading it will enable you to look at his finances. You will see a recurring payment of $1000. Uploading this chunk will prompt Symes to ask where the money is going, which gives you the opportunity to choose between 2 conflicting chunks. You can either claim that the money is going to Nina or say that it's a donation for the Children of Parges Foundation. The former option will make Langley look suspicious and result in his arrest, whereas the latter will clear him of wrongdoing. Both chunks can be found on Langley's PC. The first is in Mails, and it's hiding in the Office folder with the title "Feedback on your request." The second chunk is in the Pictures folder, with the title COP_certificate.bmp. However you decide to resolve the conflict, you will unlock a conversation in the Listener between Juliet and Harrison. They will compare notes regarding their respective approaches, and Langley will contact Juliet partway through the conversation. Juliet will set up a three-way call between herself, Langley, and Harrison. After the three-way call ends, Langley will email the anonymous person who promised to set Cassandra free. You can see this play out in his email by using the Listener. Depending on your choices (I believe this is based on whether you portrayed her as a threat), he will either send the person everything he learned from the call or claim that he's changed his mind and will not sell out the members of Thought. The three-way call includes several Datachunks, but you should prioritize the submission of the chunk about Juliet meeting Abraham by chance online. This will unlock a new thread in the Reader where you can read the messages to which she's referring. Luckily enough, she happened to share a picture of her PC ID in the thread, and you can upload it to Orwell to gain access to her computer.

At this point, you will have a connection issue with Orwell.

Once you've accessed Juliet's PC, open the Stelligan folder and select the file entitled "RE: Your course." Upload the Datachunk where Goldfels talks about his hometown in Germany. This will unlock a very interesting document: a missing persons page for someone named Gunther Aarons.

Yup. His previous name was Gunther Aarons, and he was a father and husband before he left Germany. Symes guesses that Goldfels must have changed his name when he immigrated to the Nation. Submitting the Gunther Aarons chunk will unlock a document in the Reader and a new conversation in the Listener. Start with Harrison's email, which can be found in the Listener. The message is from Initiate, who admits to attacking Orwell (which explains the connection issue from earlier). The hacker claims to have left Harrison a present on the Thought server. Switch to the Reader to check out the newly unlocked document.

This page is full of obituaries from 2016. Here you will find an obituary for Gunther Aarons from December 18, 2016.

Symes will become discouraged when he learns that Abraham/Gunther is deceased. If you sent a team to Goldfels' address, Symes will tell you that the home was abandoned. He will also ask you to keep an eye on any new information picked up by Orwell. At this point, a new post on The Thought's blog will become available. Go to the Reader to check it out.

Unfortunately, initiate made good on their promise to send Harrison a gift. The newest blog post is all about Benjamin Costigan, aka Symes. The post exposes Orwell and your coworker's identity to the world, including his address and the identity of his pregnant fiance. When you submit this information to Orwell, you will be able to warn Symes/Benjamin that he has been doxxed. He will panic and say that he needs to go home. You will not hear from him again.

At this point, you are free to end the day. However, there are some remaining optional chunks to upload if you feel like working overtime. I strongly recommend that you upload all of the chunks you intend to submit before the end of the game.

Now that we know more about Abraham's background, we can sort out the conflicting chunks related to his sexuality and marital status. His sexuality is never expressly stated, but we know that he left his wife and child when he left Germany. If you are playing the game through Steam, you get an achievement for uploading the chunk about his family.

You can also return to the three-way call between Juliet, Harrison, and Langley to resolve the other pair of conflicting chunks. Juliet claims that all members of Thought should share the blame for group's missteps, but Harrison places all of the blame on Nina. You can choose either chunk, or neither of them.

There is also information on Juliet's computer that you may not have processed yet. If you click on the Rhosen folder, you will find an exchange between Juliet and one of her coworkers. There are two chunks in this email; one is about the timing of Juliet's work at Rhosen, and the other is related to a project called Demiurge. You can upload both or neither of the chunks. You can also look through her browser history, but there are no Datachunks to upload. Her trash folder only contains one file, and it's a picture of her sister April. This probably indicates that they have a poor relationship.

Congratulations on finishing Episode 4! The final episode awaits you.

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