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Guide: Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You - Episode 3

If you missed the guide for Episodes 1 and 2, please review them before reading this portion of the guide to avoid confusion. Datachunks that you must upload to progress in the story are indicated in bold. Keep in mind that Datachunks not necessary for plot progression still impact the outcomes of the story.


Episode 3: Unperson

When you start your third day, Symes will begin by commenting on what happened the previous day. If you successfully stopped the bombing he will praise you as a hero. If you failed to prevent the bombing, he will say that despite yesterday's missteps his superiors are not willing to give up on Orwell yet. However, he will warn that such a mistake cannot happen again and point out that the TNB is already criticizing you.

At the beginning of Episode 3, there will be two notable documents available to you. The first is an email sent to Harrison's account, and the second is his new TNB article.

Both of the Datachunks in the TNB article are optional. The first is about Harrison's prior prediction of another bombing. Uploading this chunk will tell Orwell that Harrison only "predicted" more bombings to underline his point and that he condemns the bombings. Symes will comment that he certainly used an interesting method to highlight his points. Submitting the second chunk in the article will communicate to Orwell that Harrison encourages citizens to take individual responsibility, but also supports security mechanisms.

Now open the email. It contains the Datachunk "this girl that always yammering on about how she despised the Safety Bill... Nina I think?". This will unlock The Thought blog Entry 6: War on indifference, which is written by Nina. It also grants you access to a new email between Harrison and Marca.

None of the Datachunks in the Re: <3 email are required, but they offer some additional information. It quickly becomes apparent that Harrison is not being upfront with Marca. He starts the email by rejecting her request to stay at his place and never explicitly discloses that he lives in a trailer. Then he lies by telling her that he hasn't heard from Juliet in months (of course, we know they spoke recently because we eavesdropped on the call). He then comments on Nina being quick to anger and refers to her as his former "partner in crime".

Once you've finished uploading the desired chunks from the email, open Entry 6.

There are 3 Datachunks in this post that are essentially one in the same. They are "How you in particular incited the crowd to directly threaten the visitors", "Scaring people IS convincing them, Abe", and "Frightened at best. Honestly I think it wasn't even enough". Although these Datachunks are not conflicting, uploading one of the chunks will make you unable to submit the other two (hovering your cursor over the chunks will cause Orwell to indicate that the data has already been submitted). In other words, it does not matter which of the three you choose to upload.

There are two more optional uploads. The first is a comment from Abe in which he proclaims that Thought must not stand for violence. The second is a statement made by Harrison. He expresses regret for using intimidation tactics at the Circle Mall demonstration.

One mandatory upload can be found within Entry 6. By clicking on Nina's alias, concerned1, you can find the name of her uTell account, which is also concernedOne.

Uploading the uTell account information will give you access to a new conversation in the Listener. Nina speaks with someone called Sylv; there are two chunks within the exchange. Uploading the first chunk will communicate that Nina is often sad. The second Datachunk reveals that Nina has a Singular account. Submit the chunk to access the account.

There are a lot of Datachunks within the Singular account, so I won't be mentioning every one. Upload whichever chunks you want and then take a look at the only mandatory chunks on the page, which can be found in the conversation with WiseSam. Nina tells him that her name is Molly Schwartz and that she does temp work for a living. She also claims to have a son. Symes expresses doubt that a single mother could be responsible for the bombings.

Uploading the Molly Schwartz and temp work Datachunks unlocks access to her WorkEasy account. Click on her account name in the upper right corner of the screen. Here we learn that Nina is a good worker (4.5/5 rating from employers) and that she works a lot (including on weekends and holidays). You can upload chunks about the types of work she performs (cleaning, maintenance & mechanical repairs, groundskeeping, and customer service) and the frequency of her work (found in the Extras section). There's a conflicting chunk as well (her address), but its counterpart is not available at present. Submit the Datachunk containing her email address.

At the top of the page, you can also click on the rectangular button to the right of the portrait to see Nina's past jobs and employers. For now, though, we haven't found the Datachunk(s) that conflict with those in Nina's work history.

Now that you have access to Nina's emails, you will be able to pick up a communication from her physician's office. There are two available chunks: Nina's last name (Maternova) and patient number. Uploading them will enable you to see Nina's medical records.

As soon as you open the records, you'll have access to a call between Juliet and an unknown person. Listen in on the call before you look into the medical records.

The individual on the other end of the call is Juliet's sister, June. This call produces several optional Datachunks about Juliet and her relationship with her family. Upload the chunks if you want, then return to Nina's medical records.

Finally, we have found a document with substantial information about Nina. At the top of the page you can find her birthday and address. The address is a conflicting Datachunk, since she listed a different one on her WorkEasy page. I recommend waiting to learn more about Nina before you choose which address to upload.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can find two more chunks. One offers information about a leg wound and the other is a conflicting chunk indicating that Nina's doctor recommended taking a medical leave through the month of April. However, Nina's WorkEasy page shows that she has continued to work despite the doctor's recommendation. When you resolve the conflict, you will gain access to an exchange between Nina and Initiate, the anonymous hacker who made their debut in the previous episode. Before checking out the Nina-Initiate conversation, scroll to the bottom of Nina's medical records and click the "Go to previous entry" button to view the details of her previous visits. There is nothing of interest in Entry 2, but Entry 1 contains some Datachunks. The information in Entry 1 indicates that Nina's leg pain has persisted for years, she regularly exhibits aggression, and she may experience PTSD. Notably, in 2014 the doctor advised her to find "a like-minded group to talk to".

Now you can open the Nina-Initiate discussion. Initiate messages Nina, but she thinks they met her through Singular and quickly closes the conversation. Upload the Datachunk "initiate is the name", which will cause the hacker to become a target person. Initiate will immediately start a new conversation with Nina. Make sure you are ready and paying attention during this conversation. During certain conversations your haste or lack thereof will impact aspects of the story. If you are worried about achieving a certain outcome as a result of the conversation, you might consider reading the next paragraph of this guide before opening the exchange in Listener.

The first Datachunk is "the gov needs a kick where the sun don't shine". You can decide whether you want to upload this one later; it doesn't require your immediate attention. The next chunk is "i am gonna H4CK that precious page of the party". If you don't upload this one right away, Initiate will succeed in hacking the page and mess with Catherine Delacroix's profile on The Party's website. If you submit the chunk to Orwell before Initiate can hack the page, they will comment that the previously gaping loophole has now disappeared, like someone issued a warning that the site was about to be hacked. Next, Nina will sell out Harrison, saying that he is the only member of Thought capable of carrying out the terrorist attacks. She also outs him by exposing that he was only interested in Cassandra's involvement because he wanted access to her parents' funds. If you launched an investigation into Watergate Pharmaceuticals, Symes will note that this may explain the accounting inconsistencies in the company's records. Nina comments on Juliet's flair for organizing but expresses doubt that she is capable of "going terrorist". Nina tells Initiate that she suspects the government is responsible for the bombings. Initiate sends Nina's PC code to scare her and unintentionally assists Orwell by giving the program access to her computer.

You have gained access to a new tool: Insider. Using Insider, you can probe your targets' devices.

Once you begin looking through Nina's computer, Harrison will post on his Timeline about his TNB job. It's irrelevant and contains no Datachunks, but you can still read it if you want.

Now we can search Nina's PC.

When you open her trash, you will find 3 documents. The two on the right side of the screen are files regarding job applications. Sadly she was rejected from both jobs, but there is a Datachunk including her phone number at the bottom of the letters. In the third document, Nina asks to be relocated to Freedom Plaza for her jobs on April 11th and 12th. Even more damning, her shift ran from 4-8pm. The bomb at Freedom Memorial detonated around 7:50pm. Uh oh...

Open the "Sys" folder, which contains Nina's browser history. She searched for CCTV footage of Stelligan on April 13th, the day of the bombing at the campus. If you upload it, Symes will point out that this behavior is suspicious and ask you to seek out information connecting her to the third bombing site, Circle Mall.

Finally, click on the "Private" folder.

Go ahead.

Do it.

You know you want to.

Open the file that says "DO NOT READ!" You'll find a 2008 love letter to someone named Desmond Schwartz. Uploading this chunk will cause Symes to question her relationship status, since she was previously thought to be single. Go back to the private folder and look at the document with "protocol" in its name. The text explains why Nina selected the name Molly Schwartz. It also includes a Datachunk which indicates that Nina is child-centered. Symes notes that the information we have found points to Nina being a dedicated mother - an ambition that does not align with those of terrorists.

Select the letter called "An apology and an offer". You will be able to upload Goldfels's email address and a Datachunk about an offer. At the moment, the details of the offer are unknown.

Now open the two images in the private folder. One of them is a picture of her son, Michael, and the other is a picture of her military unit. Uploading the second picture will unlock Nina's army profile.

Go ahead and investigate the military page. You'll find a new portrait of Nina (in her army attire) and several Datachunks pertaining to her service. The only optional one is the chunk about the Bravery Medal. The last chunk mentions that she was dishonorably discharged in 2011. Symes points out that her dishonorable discharge essentially means she is treated like a felon. Revisit the Projects section of The Party's website. You'll find a Datachunk that says, "It also became mandatory to inform employers whenever an applicant or employee is an ex-convict or otherwise regarded potentially dangerous". This explains why Nina is unable to find a job. If you uploaded this chunk and the information about Desmond, Symes will comment on how hard it must have been for Nina and how it makes sense that she would want revenge. If you have not yet uploaded the information about Desmond, Symes will say that although Nina's inability to find a job due to the Safety Bill constitutes a motive, he is not convinced that it's a severe enough motive to drive her to terrorism.

Return to the military site and investigate each tab. The News tab has no information of interest. Visit the Memorial tab and scroll down. You'll find that Desmond Schwartz was killed in 2011. Symes will reluctantly point out that the loss of Desmond gives Nina a valid motive to despise the government and potentially carry out the bombings.

Click on the Missions tab next. This section of the site contains a set of conflicting Datachunks. Nina's unit was deployed on two missions - the Parges Peacekeeping Mission and Gentrian Flood Aid - and you must determine which is the correct mission to upload. Keep in mind that Nina was discharged in 2011. The major events of the Parges Peacekeeping Mission occurred between 2006 and 2009, whereas the Gentrian Flood Aid mission didn't become relevant until 2016. Based on the dates, it would make more sense that Nina was involved with the Parges Peacekeeping Mission. Uploading the chunk about the Parges Peacekeeping Mission reveals to Orwell that Nina has experience working with explosives. Yikes. If you choose to submit the Gentrian Flood Aid chunk instead, Symes will comment that her experience doesn't seem relevant to the bombings. You must submit one of the missions to provide information about Nina's professional background. Regardless of which chunk you upoladed, you'll unlock a call between Nina and Sylv.

Listen in on the call; you will find two Datachunks. One is a conflicting chunk because Nina claims she stayed in bed all week. This supports the chunk in Nina's medical records, which says that she has been directed to take a medical leave of absence from work. The alternative to this conflict involves uploading her jobs in WorkEasy. You can still choose to upload the chunk claiming that Nina has been home all week, even though you know it's untrue. Either way, you must resolve the conflict. Regardless of which chunks you decided to upload, Symes will tell you that Nina's whereabouts are accounted for. The other chunk within the call is one in which Nina says that she will pick Michael up soon. After you upload the chunks regarding Nina's professional background and whereabouts during the bombings, new information becomes available on Nina's WorkEasy account. When you read the employer's review of Nina's performance, you will notice that she worked at the Circle Mall on April 14th. UH OH.

At this point, I recommend uploading an address if you want to catch Nina. The one listed in her medical files is correct. Keep in mind that you can deliberately submit the wrong address if you so choose, or neglect to upload one at all.

Now you can return to the Insider. There will be a new update to Nina's browser history, and suddenly... nothing. You'll get an error, and the Insider will no longer work. However, you can use the Listener to pick up a conversation. Depending on the chunks you uploaded, Nina will reach out to either Harrison or Initiate.

Get ready... things are about to heat up.

Spoilers Ahead!!

From here, there are three possible outcomes:

Nina will die

This is by far the most likely outcome. If you uploaded information that leads Symes to perceive Nina as dangerous (if he says that she is likely responsible for the bombings or that the information given is sufficient to make an arrest), she will die unless you help her escape by uploading the chunk in which she claims to be running away from the bus. Chunks that portray her as dangerous include the ones from her medical records about aggressive behavior and/or hypervigilance, the correct chunk regarding her military service (the one that states she served as part of the Parges Peacekeeping Mission), the correct chunks regarding her whereabouts (since she worked at the locations of all three bombing sites shortly before the time of detonation), and chunks about Nina having a gun and/or being frequently angry or aggressive.

In the event that you portrayed Nina as a threat, she will message Harrison to ask for his help. She mentions that she unplugged her PC (which explains why the Insider went dark) and asks about Initiate, since she suspects them of hacking her. Harrison confides that he suspects Initiate of hacking his bank account as well (even though, of course, both hacks were your doing). Nina questions whether Initiate might actually have dirt on the members of Thought and begins to panic. Harrison asks if she has something to hide, and Nina shares her intention to escape. When you upload this chunk to Orwell, Symes will alert the authorities and they will pursue her.

Nina will be injured

If you uploaded information that leads Symes to believe that Nina is not a threat, Nina will message Initiate instead of Harrison. She will tell them about her PC's odd behavior, and Initiate will tell her that the cops are likely tracking her with a surveillance program. This will prompt Nina to panic and say that she needs to leave before the cops find her. If she encounters the police in this scenario, they will severely wound her but not kill her. Note that even if you upload the chunk indicating that Nina plans to pick up her son later (from one of her conversations with Sylv), she can successfully pick him up and make it onto the bus if you allow her to get that far.

Nina will escape

This scenario is the toughest to achieve. As in the other scenarios, Nina will say that she needs to run from the cops. Again, if you portrayed Nina as non-threatening she will reach out to Initiate, but she'll communicate with Harrison if you uploaded chunks that make her seem threatening. If you uploaded her real address, allow her to escape out the back (don't upload the chunk). Once she is on the bus you must upload the chunk to Orwell in which she says she will flee from the vehicle. If you don't mislead the officers by communicating that Nina is trying to escape once she has boarded the bus, she will fire at them and end up severely wounded. Note that even if you upload the chunk indicating that Nina plans to pick up her son later (from one of her conversations with Sylv), she will successfully pick him up and make it onto the bus.

In all scenarios

If you upload the correct address to Orwell, the cops will arrive in search of Nina. She will try to sneak out the back, but whether you disclose that to Orwell is up to you. If you don't submit the chunk, she'll successfully pick up her son.

If you upload the wrong address or neglect to upload an address, Nina will leave to pick up her son and catch the bus without issue.

Nina will call Juliet at work and beg for her help. Juliet will acquiesce, but she expresses (fake) uncertainty about assisting Nina after realizing that her acquaintance has committed a crime. You have the option to upload a chunk in which Nina tries to trick you by claiming that she is going to flee from the bus. If you upload the chunk, the officers will run off in search of her, and she and Michael will escape.

None of the situations feel particularly great, since your options are to kill a single mother, severely wound a single mother, or allow a terrorist to escape. Regardless of how the situation plays out, you will receive notice of a new message. Symes will inquire about who could POSSIBLY be messaging at the worst imaginable time. It's an email from Goldfels. He apologizes for drawing the investigators to Nina and expresses his disappointment in her actions, saying that the bombs were not meant to kill. This means that Goldfels conspired with Nina to plant the bombs. Unsurprisingly, your target for tomorrow is Goldfels.

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