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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Review

Developer: Mediatonic

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available for: Playstation 4, PC

Price: $19.99

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout delivers a fun multiplayer experience in which 60 players try to qualify for each subsequent stage until one player wins the entire match. As I mentioned in my Fall Guys Initial Impressions post and my Upcoming Releases post, Fall Guys makes losing fun. It's appropriate for kids and adults, enabling it to attract a wide range of players, and it offers a refreshing and colorful take on multiplayer games. Because it's fun regardless of whether you win, it sets itself apart from traditional multiplayer games. Although Fall Guys has suffered with server issues since its release, the developers have communicated their continuous efforts to resolve said issues.

The Fall Guys are goofy, and watching them interact with their environment would be entertaining even if there was no gameplay. As I mentioned in my Gris review, scoring inclusivity proves difficult when a game lacks a traditional cast of characters. However, I gave Fall Guys a perfect score because I feel as though anyone could feel represented by the game (after all, who among us hasn't had clumsy moments?). Everything about the style is exemplary, from the level design to the outfits. The game manages the astonishing feat of being both simple and loud. In fact, I would argue that its style grabs attention at least as much as the gameplay.

Unfortunately, I had to give Fall Guys a 0/2 score in the story category (because it doesn't have a story). The game is incredibly simple in its mechanics; you only have 3 abilities besides running (the abilities include jumping, dashing, and grabbing other players). I find that all three mechanics lag a bit, if they work at all. Fall Guys only has one mode (multiplayer), and the few other options include customizing your Fall Guy and purchasing new accessories from the store.

Fall Guys delivers in a lot of aspects, but it's not amazing - at least, not yet. I strongly suspect that future updates will improve upon the game and shape it into a cult favorite for years to come. Even though it falls (pun intended) short of perfection, I recommend picking it up. It's free on Playstation Plus for the month of August, so take advantage while you can! I'm excited for Mediatonic's success, and I can't wait to see the projects they'll develop next.

Story: 0/2

Characters: 1.5/2

Mechanics: 0.75/2

Inclusivity: 2/2

Style: 2/2

Overall Score: 6.25/10

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