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Review: Gris

Every frame of Gris is stunning. I wanted to document everything (by the time I finished the game, I had taken over 50 screenshots). Truthfully, I'm scared to share too many details lest I spoil any details of the story. I went into Gris without any prior knowledge of it, and I have no regrets. The game delighted me at every turn with new surprises.

Gris explores grief and growth with the journey of its titular character. If you have experienced any type of loss, you will likely relate to Gris's pain and root for her to become stronger. Watching her growth brings about feelings of satisfaction; she endeared herself to me despite the fact that she doesn't utter a single word. The mechanics are fun too; each of Gris's new abilities becomes second nature after only a few minutes. Some of the platforming/puzzles become a little challenging, particularly towards the end of the game. But I never felt as though any of the barriers were too difficult, and they never bored me. Assigning an inclusivity score to this game wasn't easy, since there are very few characters besides Gris. Typically I score games according to whether their casts of characters come from diverse backgrounds, have differing lived experiences, skin colors, socioeconomic statuses, etc. How does one judge the inclusivity of a game that does not have a wide cast of characters? I asked myself whether anyone could play Gris and feel a genuine connection to the character and story, and I decided the answer is yes. As I previously mentioned, Gris focuses heavily on grief and finding one's own strength. Its message is accessible to everyone. Anyone could play the game and feel like it was "made for them." In terms of style, the pictures speak for themselves. This is one of the most visually appealing games I have ever played.

The only detractor? I wish Gris had lasted longer (it only took 7 hours to finish), but not enough to deduct any points from the score total. Throughout the 7 hours I asked myself (as I always do when I play a new title), "what would I change about this game if I had the opportunity?" I came up empty. I wouldn't change a single thing. And for that reason, I'm giving it a perfect score. Gris proves that video games can be a form of art, and I'd recommend the experience to everyone.

Story: 2/2

Characters: 2/2

Mechanics: 2/2

Inclusivity: 2/2

Style: 2/2

Overall Score: 10/10

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