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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Initial Impressions

While I haven’t played Fall Guys enough to write a full review yet, I’d like to give you some initial impressions so you can decide whether or not you might want the game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout offers a rare gaming experience. But not because of any traditional metrics for measuring the quality of a game - Fall Guys is a rare find because it makes losing fun. I predicted this in my Upcoming Releases post for August 2020, and I’m glad I turned out to be right. As exciting as it feels to qualify for each subsequent round, you could lose the first round 50 times in a row and still have a great time. The game cleverly rewards players simply for participating, which prevents the feelings of frustration that typically accompany losing over and over. In a setup where only 1 in 60 players will win each match, the importance of making losing fun cannot be overstated. The real reward comes not with winning, but with earning enough Kudos/Crowns to buy outfits and other items. With its bright colors, easy mechanics, and cute characters, Fall Guys is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults. However, there are some annoying server issues right now, which can kick you out of matches and prevent you from getting your rewards.

If you want in on the fun, you can find Fall Guys on Steam and Playstation 4. The game is free on Playstation Plus for the month of August. Stay tuned for my full review after I’ve had more time to get a feel for what Fall Guys has to offer.

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