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Among Us - Initial Impressions

I realize that this post is short and somewhat overdue, but I wanted to post it regardless because my first 2 hours with Among Us were so memorable.

Being "sus" has never been more fun. That being said, facing immediate elimination after waiting 2 hours to play the role of impostor induced anguish. In the preceding rounds, I enjoyed playing as a crewmate. Completing tasks made me feel like I could contribute, even though I was completely new to the game.

Among Us cleverly offers ways for every player to stay engaged. Even once you've died, you can complete your tasks as a ghost to help your team win. The chat capability allows for connection with other players, even if you aren't playing the game with any of your friends. And the best part? The ridiculous reasons for ejections. If someone is wearing a hat you don't like? Sus. If a player claims to be a crewmate? Sus. Enjoy tormenting your friends? Tell the group your pal is sus.

Be warned - if you get stuck in a group who isn't particularly interested in winning the game, it can become quite frustrating. Sometimes the impostor is painfully obvious, but the rest of the group refuses to eject them. Other times, people decide to skip even if they have reasonable guesses about the identity of the impostor.

Overall, the game is a blast. However, your experience will depend largely on your group. I recommend playing with friends, especially your first few times. If you want to avoid paying $4.99 on Steam, try playing on mobile. It's free, and you can play with your friends on PC.

I don't think this game will be one that I return to over and over again, since I tend to get bored of it quickly. Even so, I'm glad I tried it (and especially glad that I tried it with friends).

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