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3 Out of 10 - Initial Impressions

I've noticed that a new 3 Out of 10 episode becomes available in the Epic Games Store every week, and I decided to try one. So far I've only played the first episode, but I've already formulated some initial thoughts that I'd like to share. This post is spoiler-free!

3 Out of 10 takes place at Shovelworks Studios, described as "the world's worst game dev studio." You experience the story as Midge, the newest member of the Shovelworks team. Despite being told to visit the studio for a job interview, she quickly faces pressure to become the new animator after the previous one allegedly exploded. The developers, who have never created a game that received a score above 3 out of 10, are working on a new game about a surfer escaping from sharks. However, a crowd of shark enthusiasts appear in protest after the developers refuse to resolve a dispute about which type of shark should appear in the game. As the only developer with an ounce of common sense, Midge must prevent everything from crashing down.

3 Out of 10 is truly a comedy of errors. Most of the jokes land, and some elements of the game are inexplicably weird. The mini games are outrageous, my favorite of which involves using a caged intern to defeat a particularly enraged shark enthusiast. I was also pleasantly surprised by a twist at the end of episode 1 which adds more interest to Midge and the story. This game is very simple, but the mini games mesh nicely with the story, characters, and style. It creates an overall gaming experience that "works" and has a distinct aesthetic. While the first episode certainly wasn't the best half hour of my life, I had fun playing it. I anticipate that 3 Out of 10 will appeal to a particular niche of players and become a deeply enjoyable experience for them. It vaguely reminds me of popular animated shows for adults, like Rick and Morty.

Releasing the game free in 5 separate episodes on the Epic Games Store was a clever move, since it means 3 Out of 10 will appear in Epic's free games section for (I assume) 5 consecutive weeks. I imagine that Terrible Posture Games is using 3 Out of 10 primarily to bring exposure to their studio rather than generate immediate revenue, and it's working. It heartens me to see small development studios receiving well-deserved attention (and creating such goofy content). Since the game is free to play, you only have to claim it through Epic Games in order to try it out (currently episodes 1-3 are available). I recommend playing episode 1 to help you decide whether this game is for you. I plan to complete all 5 episodes and follow up with a proper review in a few weeks.

Have you tried 3 Out of 10 ? Will you play it in the near future? Let me know your thoughts by commenting on this post, or by leaving a comment on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!


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