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New & Upcoming Game Releases: August 2020

Here are some games that I didn't cover in my previous Upcoming Game Releases post. Check out both posts if you want to see a bunch of the indie games launching in August!

TRIGGER WARNING: one of the games in this article references suicide.


Ever Forward

"A girl trapped in a strange world somewhere between reality and imagination. Help her find her way in this adventure puzzle game."

Release Date: August 13, 2020

Developer: Pathea Games

Publisher: Pathea Games

Available for: PC; coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, & Playstation 4 in Winter 2020

Price: $14.99

My thoughts: I want to finish the prologue before I decide whether to buy the game. I'm drawn in by the premise and aesthetic, and I enjoy puzzle games. Pathea Games is the same studio who brought us My Time at Portia, so I know it's capable of making good games. Hopefully Pathea will replicate its previous success.



Kill It With Fire

"Kill It With Fire is a first-person action game about hunting spiders and causing collateral damage."

Release Date: August 13, 2020

Developer: Casey Donnellan Games LLC

Publisher: tinyBuild

Available for: PC

Price: $14.99

My Thoughts: This game looks hilarious. That is all.




"A surreal, roguelite inspired ARPG with modernized hack'n'slash combat about lucid dreaming. Warp the dreamscape around you to battle a nightmarish depression that lives in a young woman’s subconscious. DREAM. DIE. WAKE. REPEAT."

Release Date: August 14, 2020

Developer: Afterburner Studios

Publisher: Freedom! Games; Maple Whispering Limited

Available for: Nintendo Switch, PC

Price: Unknown

My Thoughts: Based on everything I've seen about Dreamscaper so far, it looks like a beautiful experience. If you enjoy ARPGs, keep your eye on this one.




"Jessika committed suicide, and it’s up to you to find out why she did what she did by prying into her digital past. What at first seems to be a job like any other quickly develops into a dark drama with twists and turns."

Release Date: August 25, 2020

Developer: TriTrie Games

Publisher: Assemble Entertainment

Available for: PC

Price: Unknown

My Thoughts: Out of all the games on this list, I'm the most intrigued by this one. I love games with elements of suspense and drama. Jessika reminds me of Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You in the sense that you, the player, peruse through various files to collect information about other people. I'm eager to get my hands on the full game, especially after playing the demo twice.



Partisans 1941

"Partisans 1941 is a real-time tactics game with stealth elements, set on the eastern front of WW II. As an army commander behind enemy lines you gather a group of Partisans to wage guerilla warfare against the German occupants."

Release Date: Summer 2020

Developer: Alter Games

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Available for: PC

Price: Unknown

My Thoughts: Real-time tactical strategy games are not my preference, so I won't be playing this one.



Which releases are you excited about?? Let me know on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Discord!

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