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2020's Indie Game of the Year

As 2020 comes to a close, I want to share my thoughts about what I consider to be the Indie Game of the Year. Choosing just one game from so many amazing projects is never an easy task, but there is one game in particular that deserves to be recognized.

Beyond the vibrant colors and infectious music that initially drew me to the game, Fall Guys offers a lot for its players and continues to improve with each season. Perhaps more impressive than the amount of attention Fall Guys has received is the extent to which Mediatonic is willing to listen to its customers. In my initial review, I gave Fall Guys a score of 6.25 out of 10. However, I also noted that future updates would likely improve upon the game, and I am thrilled to report that my prediction was correct. The developers have made adjustments to existing levels (mostly the ones that were too easy for experienced players), added levels, expanded players' ability to earn crowns through leveling rather than winning, and increased the accessories available for purchase. Furthermore, the game must have been challenging to develop, but it feels unbelievably simple to play (which, in my opinion, is an indicator of a well-crafted game). It is also an excellent representation of what gaming should be. Accessibility is a key feature in making games that are truly great, and Mediatonic seems to be aware of it. People of all ages and all experience levels should be able to pick up a controller and have a great time, and that's exactly the kind of experience that Fall Guys delivers. There are undoubtedly moments that force you to see the worst in humanity (Slime Climb), but those moments keep the game interesting even if they are frustrating.

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