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Fall Guys Season 2: An Analysis

I have a lot of thoughts about the Season 2 additions. Let's break them down:


The Theme

Season 2 follows an adorable medieval theme complete with new costumes, rounds, rewards, and even music. I think the theming of season 2 is impeccable. The new rounds add some variety to the gameplay experience, and the new costumes allow for greater customization. The additional costumes are especially welcome given that Halloween is approaching.

The Rounds

The new rounds I've encountered include:

- Knight Fever

- Wall Guys

- Hoopsie Legends

- Egg Siege

My favorite is Knight Fever, and my least favorite is Wall Guys.

Other New Features

Other new features include nameplates and nicknames, the ability to randomize outfits, and the option to select different shows. It seems as though the Main Show is a permanent option, while new thematic shows will be available periodically (it looks like they switch every week). I'm ambivalent about the nameplates and nicknames, but I'm sure some players will appreciate them.

The Improvements

I am happy that the developers opted to improve the rewards earned by leveling up. In Season 1, there were few crowns to be won by leveling up (even if you reached the coveted 40th level). In Season 2, you can earn up to 21 crowns simply by raising your level. The rewards boost is a clever choice, because it favors loyal players who do not win often (or at all).

The option to randomize outfits is a fun addition too, and I am sure I will utilize it. New costumes are always welcome (I am especially excited about the jester outfit). I like the new rounds too, but I wish there were more than 4 of them (see below).

The Letdowns

While several of the new features contribute to my enjoyment of the game, I find some of them to be disappointing. I also noted some frustrating omissions.

I think that the alterations made to the easier levels in Season 1 were an improvement. However, I wish Season 2 would have included more new levels or additional changes to the original levels. Fall Guys is starting to reach the point where people who pump dozens of hours into the game will win a disproportionate number of shows compared to more casual players. Additionally, a larger number of players have "figured out" the stages, even the tougher ones (like Fruit Chute and Slime Climb). It has become increasingly difficult to win stages, especially the easier ones. I have noticed that most players complete easy levels like Door Dash in roughly the same amount of time, which means that the difference between qualifying and not qualifying can come down to milliseconds. When all 60 players reach the end of a level at the same time, the game becomes a lot less fun (in my opinion). To remedy this, I wish they had:

1) added a greater number of stages to dilute the rate of recurrence

2) made small changes to easier levels

I was also pretty disappointed by the execution of the show selection feature. At first I felt excited, because when I selected Gauntlet Showdown the first round was Knight Fever. My assumption was that every round in Gauntlet Showdown would have a medieval theme. However, my initial joy faded when I realized that only 4 of the rounds are new.

General Thoughts

While I am excited to have a new season of Fall Guys, I feel a little underwhelmed. The biggest disappointment is the small number of new stages. That being said, Season 2 has promise and could benefit from gradual improvements. I wouldn't complain if the devs sprinkled in some mid-season surprises.

How do you feel about Season 2? Are you enjoying the new features? Let me know what you think on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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